Trial & error: how to find a dab temp

The most important thing about dabbing is the temperature you take the dab. Too hot, and you’ll torch your throat and lungs with extremely hot vapor; too low, and pools of leftover dab will remain. A dab in between these ranges will hit smoothly, have excellent flavor, and be the easiest on your glass.

Along with being the most important thing, it’s also the trickiest. There aren’t instructions listing what your dab needs, or how to set a temperature. The best way to find it is to time your dab with a stopwatch.

The :30/1 method is a good starting point. Heat your banger for :30 seconds, wait 1 minute before taking your dab to let it cool, then dab!

If the concentrate instantly turns black, you’ve taken the dab too hot, and have burned it. Conversely, if pools of dab remain, you’ve taken the dab too cold, and it will reform in your banger.

Dabs taken at the right temperature will sit in the banger without burning, and will move around the bowl when stirred.

The solution to if the banger was too hot is to shorten the heat time, or increase the wait time. If the banger was too cold, lengthen the heat time, or shorten the wait time.

Once you know how long to heat your banger and let it cool, you will consistently take smooth, flavorful dabs, easily!

[My personal timings are :40/:40. I heat for longer because the bottom of my banger is 3mm, which is slightly thicker than the average and takes longer to heat. I wait for shorter because I need the heat for as long as possible to finish a big dab.]

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