2/21/19 Review: “Matter of Grind”

Suave the Don released his fourth album in early February 2019. “Matter of Grind” is nine tracks long, and clocks in at 28 minutes. One play through is a small investment in a talented artist, and fun album.

The first thing you notice about the album is its energy. It starts with “Simulation”, and Suave goes in with a fast and clopping triplet flow over a beat that is chasing you down an alley. Suave spits some of the illest bars on the album here:

“Go to your house take out everybody
And i set up shop im like a pilgrim
The formula different for everybody
Ain’t no easy way to make a million
Some of us trap
Some of us scam it
Throw me a pack
Watch it start dancing
Only speak facts
Niggas be rambling
Living my everyday life is like gambling”

He is hinting at a story of a fast life, a dangerous one with consequences, but one in which he can move in. On “Simulation”, Suave the Don accomplishes making a banger, and telling you some of his life’s story at the same time.

“Exotic” is a couple of tracks later, and it’s the first relief we get from the grind of trapping. A harp is playing in the background, and they chose a scale that feels cheerful. Here Suave deals with a lavish sex life- drug fueled sex with exotic women- and this makes him cheery.

The body of the album is what you play when you’re in traffic- stressed, focused, and in a sort of rhythm. Suave showcases his time in the rap game by bodying the next three tracks. He matches his flow perfectly to the beats, and chooses memorable melodies. I also think he shows he’s a student of the game- “Big Flex” reminds me of the story in Lil Wayne’s “Mona Lisa.” “Cali” describes how he makes a pack dance, and “Pay Her Rent” is a struggle story about the various debts one has to pay.

Somehow after trapping and rapping all day, Suave the Don gets inspired. The last three tracks stand out, and close the album with gusto.

“Remember” has an attention grabbing intro. It begins with chimes, and then Suave kicks your teeth in with his verse, and the accompanying hi-hats. It’s a great beat, has tight verses, and is absolute fire. Suave hits this tempo perfectly, being laid back but hard hitting; rapping fast but clear and dexterous.

After finishing that song, Suave shifts the coupe into fifth gear. “Get Away from Me” brings back the hard hitting beats, and stories from a pressed lifestyle. The title also plays perfectly into the songs’ theme. Here he says he needs time to breathe as much as to filter his crew, and he dashes away from us until the songs’ end.

Wow…”Outro” is what Suave the Don found in his solitude. After everything he’s gone through on “Matter of Grind”, this feels like breaking the speed of light, and being the first in the Fourth dimension. After all this trap, Suave raps over a Jazz loop??? And uses a sing-song type melody?? I did not see this coming. Who knew what it was like to jump out of a plane until the first person did it? Who knows what else Suave the Don has in the bag? This is a genius switch up.

Who is Suave the Don? On “Outro” he reminds us he’s been working, and pledges to work until “he doesn’t have to introduce himself.” Keeping in mind the album’s title, “Matter of Grind”, we prove Suave the Don’s success on his mission so far.

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