Pusha T – The Story of Adidon

It’s been a long time since hip-hop heavyweights have engaged in lyrical beef.

Pusha T vs Drake

This is the latest installment of the feud, and Pusha T has the upper hand.


When this dropped, I was too hype to write anything about it. Not since 50 Cent vs Ja Rule have two mainstream artists beefed with each other. The result of that beef was Ja Rule’s career was ended.

Pusha T & Drake’s beef is now real, but it didn’t start between them. Various rap blogs say the original beef was between Lil Wayne and Clipse. Back in the day, they both wore Bape, and the animosity began once fans started saying one artist copied the other. That’s it.

Time passed, and Drake is now a rapper signed to a record deal under Lil Wayne. Drake took it upon himself to inherit Lil Wayne’s beef, and started sending shots at Pusha T.

Most recently, Pusha T released a new album, DAYTONA, and on it he disses Drake. Within twenty four hours, Drake responded with a track of his own. Things then settled down, and no one heard anything new from Pusha T or his crew. Four days later, Pusha T released The Story of Adidon. One of the most scathing diss tracks released in this decade.

Specifically, the tracks that have set off current events are: Infrared, Duppy Freestyle, and The Story of Adidon. The explanations of the disses can be found on Genius.

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