I was listening to Beats1 radio this morning, and host Julie Adenuga said something I found poignant. She was talking about the band Basement Jaxx, and that she sometimes forgets how good they are. That’s not the poignancy; it’s Why she forgets. Like all of us, she gets caught up in the 9-5 grind during the week, and on the weekend, she just wants to forget about it all. Like all of us, she gets caught up in living a life.

MorMor is someone I forgot I liked. Weeks ago, I listened to their song “Whatever Comes To Mind,” and added it to my library. I haven’t listened to it since; I got caught up in living a life. Like I said earlier, I was listening to Beats1 radio, and Julie Adenuga played a new song that I had to add to my library: “Heaven’s Only Wishful.” I obsessively replay songs I like, so during the third listen I looked up the artist only to find I’ve already liked their only other song available.

I don’t know about you, but this can’t be mere coincidence. MorMor is someone I might become a big fan of.

“Heaven’s Only Wishful” is the first single from MorMor. On this track, MorMor croons over a ballad vibe, guitars and synth are brought together to create a funky, ambient jam. Driving the song is a simple, crisp drum beat that doesn’t fight for visibility on a track that demands intimacy. The opening lyric also defines where the intimacy comes from: vulnerability. He says “I’m just a poor boy, waiting for answers.” The music does a good job mirroring this character.

The lyrics continue on the theme of vulnerability, and the effect of the world’s chaos on a person’s mentality. At one point or another, we realize the limits of what we can control, and “Heaven’s Only Wishful” is a good coping mechanism for a world at odds with each other.

Towards the end of the song, MorMor lets loose. The clean electric guitar picks up some distortion, and Mormor, who’s been delicately singing up to now, begins to inject some anger in repeating the closing outro: “Some say/ You’re the reason I/ I feel this way.”

All in all, “Heaven’s Only Wishful” is a realized song about true emotions. Today’s topics are vulnerability, coping, social awareness, and the fight to handle them maturely. Sonically, MorMor’s production blends very well with the poetry of the lyrics, producing a driving, pensive experience.

When taking this first single, and considering it along with his second, “Whatever Comes to Mind” (which didn’t get talked about a lot here) MorMor starts to seem a virtuoso of tenderness. His easy guitarwork and delicate vocals are staples of his sound, but it doesn’t keep him from providing music of differing moods, all with a touch of intimacy. Also possessing talented songwriting, MorMor is a promising figure in the music scene to come.

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