Bite size reviews

Today was a big day for music. Post Malone, Janelle Monae and NBA Young Boy all released new albums on the same day. Not to be outdone, KEY! dropped a new single ahead of his new album, 777.

Firstly, it’s my opinion that Post Malone is a certified hybrid artist. His newest album Beerbongs and Bentleys is a candid look into his personal life, and party experiences. This songwriting agility isn’t what makes him a hybrid artist, though it does help. It’s his musical sensibility that shoots him into the charts’ upper echelon. Post Malone is a rockstar over hip-hop vibes, and he does it credibly. Post shows a mastery of melodies and guitar work, seemingly attracted to its ability to make one sing their heart out. When he adds reverberating 808 drums, it becomes a glossy, bouncy romp with a rock and roll soul. Beerbongs and Bentleys is a good evolution for Post Malone, who came up with hip-hop and demanded to create in other arenas.

Secondly Until Death Call My Name is the newest album from NBA Young Boy, who is coming off a bit controversy. None of this has delayed the album release, or is absent from the album. Young Boy directly and indirectly shows retrospect on his past, and is at a point he’s not happy with all his choices but he can only move forward now. As a musical work, it maintains the style he’s known and refined, quick pace southern beats for when its time to ride, and ballads for when it’s time to decompress. With this record, Young Boy seems determined to own up to his responsibilities, and grow into a maturer artist.

Lastly, KEY! coming out of Atlanta, dropped a new single Kelly Price Freestyle. It’s a banger, featuring cloud like synths and trap bass. It flows well with the sprinkling of auto tune from KEY who I’m used to hearing rap without it. True to his game, KEY is good at flows that keep the party going, and Kelly Price Freestyle is no exception. I’m looking forward to is album 777, releasing this May.

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