Playlist: TROPICAL

I want you to have friends. A lot of friends. I want you to get them all together, pass around drinks or the greenery, and start this playlist. I want you to find love. Whether it’s just a swipe right, or something more emotionally involved, I want you to grab the one you love, or the one you’re with, and start this playlist.

Today’s playlist “TROPICAL” is a sub-30 minute mix that’s aimed at making you dance, or at the very least, to transport you away from your usual party. As you can guess from the title, TROPICAL is supposed to make you feel like you’re in the Equator: somewhere with hot nights, breezes and green trees. Quoting an artist from the mix, Davido, he says: “Everyone wants to have a good time.”

Specifically, all the songs will be classified as Afrobeat. Like all categories, it’s only a jumping off point. You’ll definitely be familiar with the guitar strums or organ stabs on the up-beat that’s indicative of reggae music. You may also be familiar with the occasional deep bass kick that’s found in dancehall. What makes this playlist unlike them is the pop-oriented vocals, use of current production technologies, and the dancefloor leaning vibe.

Going further, the artists are also a reason this is unlike the past. They refuse to let classical genres restrict them. Per ft, Mr. Eazi would not let his single “Pour me water” be classified as world music. “I put it under ‘pop’,” he says. He doesn’t stop there. He says he lets the talent of musicianship break the barriers others would put up. “If you shed light on African music within the African continent, or even if you were to travel within Nigeria…you’d think: wow the generalizations are unfair. I’ve also played in francophone countries…where, 99 percent of the time, the audience don’t understand what I’m singing in pidgin English. But if you make music that has soul, there’s no limit to where you can go.”

That’s what this playlist is- SOUL. It may move your body in unfamiliar ways, they might say things you believe unintelligible, but an instinctual rhythm lives here that can’t be denied by writing it off. With that said, I invite you and yours into this function of fire ass riddims, into the hot summer nights awaiting us, and into everything that makes the TROPICAL vibe.

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