PNTHN (Pantheon) is an 11-member hip-hop collective hailing from San Marcos, Texas. Admittedly, it being less than an hour away from the state’s capital, Austin, and the state university, UT Austin, I often overlook San Marcos as a city offering anything. Yet, San Marcos is also the origin of “the internet’s first boy band,” Brockhampton. Despite how ignorant I am about San Marcos, PNTHN is making, and riding their own wave.

The group’s most recent project, POTLUCK, is a short, six track EP, with each song featuring a different member of the group. The sound is distinctively Texas: deep, resounding bass kicks fill the tracks while ambient melodies float over them. The end result is an EP of smooth, underground hip-hop, which is perfect for Texas cruises. Each member of PNTHN is from Texas, and this facet of their identity is something they try to rep, but also try to not be boxed in by.

You see, this isn’t just another Texas rap group. If you generalize PNTHN as just another “lean sipping, women pimping, gangster” crew, you’d miss the entire point. To see them in concert is to see them use hip-hop to mosh and shake off the consumerism infecting hip-hop. To hear POTLUCK is to hear the EP they started in the studio but finished at home because they believe in their own DIY. Where PNTHN shines is in their energetic, and humble house party vibe.

Rolling 11-deep is no joke, and the group seems to remain egalitarian within itself. In a YouTube interview, one member said he was the self-proclaimed captain of the group, but he also admitted he has a hard time getting the others to agree. People say your vibe attracts your tribe, and PNTHN lives and breathes the motto come one come all. In this atmosphere, everyone can add their own flavor, and everyone works to incorporate it.

PNTHN makes music for their friends, and here in Texas, we wave at everyone.

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