Playlist: Easy Cool

What’s your favorite vibe? I like casual, unpretentious ones. Sometimes I like flossin’ at the function, but during the day I usually keep it mellow. Today, instead of exploring an artist or project, I’m going to throw a mix of songs at you, all by different artists, all in different genres, yet all united by the theme of Easy Cool. The best way to describe this playlist is like the ease with which you wear your favorite clothes- you can’t tailor a better fit, it was earned from the Natural Tailor of Natural Joy.* As you listen to the short, sub-30 minute playlist, read the track list below for more info on your favorite tracks.

1.       XamVolo – “Lose Love.” There’s no better song to start a playlist with. From the jump, the plucked strings create a scene straight from an old Hollywood movie. The mixing is luxurious, and the funk that follows is a foot tapper, shoulder rocker, head bobber. XamVolo rides the track with easy delivery, and this light jam is a great beginning to chill vibes.

2.       yaeji – “drink i’m sippin on.” I’m treating you today! The end of “Lose Love” blends perfectly into “drink i’m sippin on.” Heads up: this track is in Korean (I believe). Let it be known vibes speak no languages, and yaeji is good here. She raps softly over a simple, kick drum heavy beat, and the result is a stick of dynamite, unassuming, but powerful.

3.       King Krule – “Biscuit Town.” For those who know, King Krule is a young OG. This track is from his newest album, and it fits perfectly into this vibe. Imagine a bustling, downtown city, and while everyone is hurriedly running North, a cool-type individual slinks South, wondering what all the fuss is about.

4.       MTMBO – “Flowers.” The magnum opus of the playlist. The tempo never picks up from the first notes, but it progresses beautifully, and manages to hit different levels of intensity. This is what the playlist is trying to capture, a bubbling intensity, calm enough to not disrupt, but active enough to not stay still. He’s new to me, but I’ll be looking out for more MTMBO.

5.       Yellow Days – “The Way Things Change.” If you know me, then you know I love Yellow Days. He’s a 19 year old, indie funk/soul/rock virtuoso, and I employed his new single here to add to the easy vibe we’re creating and pick up the tempo following track four. Go to Yellow Days for perspective, and easy listening tunes.

6.       Kinder Malo – “A Veces.” I couldn’t help it. A slow vibe tempts you to get into your feelings, and this track is a good one to air out your feelings to. Heads up: this track is in Spanish. As you know, vibes speak no languages. I really implore you to translate the lyrics, because they’re some of the most honest, open, and relatable feelings I’ve danced to.

7.       Janelle Monae – “Django Jane.” We’re ending strong, very strong…as strong-as-the-core-of-the-Earth strong.   First off, the production is on point for our Easy Cool mission. It has a heavy soul sample-era Kanye feel. Now we move onto the best part: the bars, the lyrics. Janelle’s flow is like water, it has no shape, but rides the beat like the two couldn’t exist without each other. And what does she say? She’ll blow your fucking head off, boy.

Box office numbers, and they doin outstandin

Runnin out of space in my damn bandwagon

Remember when they used to say I look too mannish?

Black girl magic, yall can’t stand it

Yall can’t ban it, made out like a bandit

They been trying hard just to make us all vanish

I suggest they put a flag on a whole ‘nother planet

That’s what Easy Cool is about.

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